Thursday, August 14, 2008

A secret to staying young

Someone gave me a sign that says, “The secret to staying young is to lie about your age.”

What a crock of shit! Everyone knows the secret to staying young is liposuction, botox, cosmetic surgery, youth serum injections and overdoses of vitamins and minerals.
My body’s like a car that’s so old and with so many miles the warranty is expired and everything’s either falling apart or needs replacement. No matter how many times you get new oil, tires, or brakes, something else is going to fall apart and the costs just keep getting higher.

In 2 months I’m turning 60 and can guarantee you that youth is highly overrated, except for the physical part. Unfortunately, there’s no trading your body in.

I’m grand now – seriously. I am a grand officer in my cult this year. It’s a great honor and I’m having a wonderful time, but it means meetings 2 to 4 nights per week and many Saturdays – all over the state. This explains my serious lack of blog time lately and my perpetual physical tiredness. Note I said “physical”.

In my 20’s and 30’s I had more energy physically, but emotional demons and mental strain from work and life prevented full enjoyment of each day. Years of experience, personal introspection and therapy exorcised most of those demons, so mentally and emotionally I’m having a fabulous time. But I’m tired.
Walking the dog as often as possible, using the stairs instead of the elevator, eating healthy food, taking my vitamins, following the doctors orders and not listening to advice from unhealthy people hasn’t solved this problem. Friends in high places in the cult say I’ll adjust to the schedule in a couple of months and stop pining for my old, familiar routine. Meanwhile, I limp along trying to suppress my yawns and look alert and interested in cult meetings, then stay awake at work during the week.

Yesterday I went on a work outing. About 12 staff members took about 80 senior citizens to Tillicum Village on Blake Island. All the pictures are from this great adventure.
It was a fabulous day with excellent weather, delicious food and fun. It was also a wonderful lesson in aging. We had 3 people in wheel chairs, about 15 with walkers, and several with canes. The average age of the seniors was about 83, so this level of infirmity wasn’t unusual. Those who needed no assistance and had no trouble negotiating – who actually ran up and down the stairs on the boat taking pictures and walked around exploring the island – were a fantastic example of what life can be like if we take care of ourselves when we’re younger.
With the knowledge gained over time, if I could go back and change anything - I wouldn’t, with one exception; I would take much better care of myself physically. It’s not too late, and I’m working hard to counteract the effect of aging. Now, if they could find a way to take my brain with all my wisdom and memories and put it into a really healthy 25 year old body……..


Jeni said...

I'll be 64 come October and most days, when I try to roll out of bed, I often feel like I am 85 going on 300! Mentally, I tell myself I can, I will do this or that and then, I have stuff lined up to do in a day -or even a week -and within a matter of a couple of hours, I realize there's no way I can physically do all the things I used to do in those time spans. At first it depressed me to realize that but now, I'm trying to make my I can, I will lists a little more within reasonalbe reach, with my physical issues being what they are.

Polly Kahl said...

There's no replacement for health, that's for sure. I still haven't recovered from the bad car accident that stole my health in 1994, and I've had to face the fact that I never will. The best thing I ever did for myself physically was quit smoking in 1988 when I was thirty three. That was twenty years ago and I hate to think where I'd be today if I still puffed away. As we age, we can only do what we can do, and the rest we have to make up for in attitude.

Polly Kahl said...

BTW, I've always thought you were a very attractive woman in your pictures, and I also thought you were younger than me. You look good without makeup too. Frankly, for a 60 year old gal, I think you're looking pretty damn fine. Of course, that doesn't necessarily reflect internal health, but hey, if you've got it, enjoy it!

Mary Witzl said...

My mother's favorite expression used to be 'If youth knew and age could.' She used to say that a lot when I whined about feeling tired or when I was discouraged over some piddling thing. Now I look at my kids and think that if I had their youth, I'd put it to far better use.

A lot of people died young in my family, so I have been scrupulous about my health since I was in my 20s. I know that does not guarantee that I won't die prematurely, but there is no question that a healthy lifestyle helps you feel better. Some days I think it makes me look better too, but then my eyesight really is going, so who knows?

Hang in there, gal. You just keep doing what you're doing, and you'll reverse the effects of ageing. 60 ain't nothin'.

Robin said...

Anti: I sort of hate you for looking so fabulous at 60. What cult are you in? I always wanted to be in a cult. I hoped it would be a cult where everyone worshipped me and did everything I said without question.

Joanne said...

It's true, it's never too late to take better care of ourselves, and I think the benefits are more than just physical. Isn't it funny how if we had the chance to go back to a certain age, we often would choose not to?

Travis Erwin said...

Great shots and insight into your mind.

Barbara Martin said...

One of the keys is to keep moving, drink plenty of water to keep the thought processes going (dehydration can promote strokes) and try to eat healthy. The problem I find with getting older is losing the strength I had ten years ago in my 40s; I have great difficulty lifting boxes, etc.

Now, if I sit in my easy chair, I fall asleep after reading a page of my favourite book.

However, I have changed my chemical products to organic ones and already notice the change in how I feel.

日月神教-任我行 said...