Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Mom's been sick since she got back from her vacation thanks to all those annoying people on the plane who were coughing and sneezing on her. She hopes to be back to blogging very soon. She said to tell you she misses you all and hopes you are having a wonderful holiday.
Hugs to you all!


The Muse said...

Happy Holidays!

Rest & get well soon.

ORION said...

Oh I love that photo! Mele Kalikimaka.
My thoughts are with you. Hopefully we can have another dinner together in 2008 when I pass through Seattle again!

cyn said...

how cute are you? and your mommy, too! yes, our whole family is sick, too. i'm the worse of the lot. ugh.

i hope we kick our illnesses by the new year! cheers!

Church Lady said...

Merry Christmas and welcome back!!!
I'm glad you weren't gone too long!

Great photo!!!!

Ello said...

What a great photo! Hope you feel better. I am in the same boat!

Happy new year!

wordtryst said...

Seasons greetings, and get well soon!

Josephine Damian said...

Hope you are feeling better by now.

Best wishes for the coming New Year!

The Anti-Wife said...

Happy Holidays to you too. I am finally feeling better.

Next time you're in the city dinner would be great. Just let me know and I'll call all your stalkers to join us! ;)

Yes, I'm adorable. Do you like the glassy eyes? Hope you're feeling better too.

The Anti-Wife said...

I missed everyone and am happy to be home. Happy New Year!

This crud shows no geographic preferences. Hope you're better now too!

The Anti-Wife said...

Happy New Year to you. I think I'm finally on the mend.

Definitely feeling better. Happy New Year to you!