Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Roar for Powerful Words

When Church Lady awarded me this honor, I was really pleased to receive it and the timing was wonderful for my soul. I was still recovering from Rosie's death and in the midst of large projects at work and preparing for my first vacation in a long time, so I didn't provide the 3 writing essentials as requested.

My grief is well in check, my vacation over and the nasty crud from which I've been suffering has abated enough to clear my mind and allow me to think rationally again. So, here are the 3 things in writing that are essential to me.

1. Accuracy
Whether fiction or non, if you're writing about a place millions of people know about and have visited - be accurate. If you're not sure of your facts, either do some research on the internet or just go there and see things for yourself. Otherwise, write about someplace else or make a place up because you will immediately lose credibility with those of us who live in a place if you can't write about it factually.

2. Sincerity
Write from your heart and from your own experience. If you're writing something you haven't experienced, talk to someone who has and question them in depth. It's difficult to have empathy or sympathy for characters who aren't well drawn and truly invested in the story.

3. Bravery
Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone or to tackle sensitive subjects or situations, but don't just do it to be sensational. Do it with intent - to educate and enlighten.

As for whom I would give the award to, most of them already have it and it was well deserved. If I could give it to one more person it would be our beloved Miss Snark who through her powerful words and sage advice brought most of us together and educated and enlightened us n the business of writing.

Come back Miss Snark. We miss you!


Ello said...

Congrats AW! I am looking forward to reading more of your powerful words in the new year!!

Church Lady said...

You are one of the bravest writers I know.
I'm really looking forward to your postings this coming year!!

The Anti-Wife said...

Right back atcha!

Your blog is incredibly educational on some rather obscure topics and I really appreciate the time you take to enlighten all of us.

Josephine Damian said...

AW, there are some who believe that Miss Snark is alive and well and blogging under her real name - Janet Reid.

There are similarities in word choice and snarky tone, but even if it is her, it's not the same without the gin pail, Clooney-love and KY.

All the best in the New Year!

The Anti-Wife said...

I've heard that rumor too, but feel that if she wanted to be anonymous I should respect that. I like Janet's blog and read it daily, but I do miss the venerable Miss Snark, all the things you mentioned and her cluegun. And my dog still pines for KY.

Happy New Year to you!

Holly Kennedy said...

I hope the year ahead is kind to you and that your "powerful words" continue. Great blog posts!

The Anti-Wife said...

Same to you. Can't wait to read your new book in April.