Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My six word memoir

Happy older woman has no regrets!

(Edited cause Cyn says I'm not old! I heart Cyn!)


Travis Erwin said...

Good one. I have this meme on my agenda as well.

cyn said...

but you're not old!

bookfraud said...

i love the idea.

"cynical curmudgeon finds love, has baby."

even though i'm not old. is 43 old?

The Anti-Wife said...

How about - Fish loving man writes blockbuster novel.

I heart you!

At 43, you could be my son, so it is NOT old.

Ello said...

That's a good one and thanks to Cyn for making you revise it! And if you could include another word, I would have included lovely.

The Anti-Wife said...

I heart you too!

ChristineEldin said...

This is a hard exercise! Well-done, and good on cyn!