Thursday, February 28, 2008

My submission for Session 3

The assignment: Using one of the characters profiled, write 3 different characterization studies focusing on; 1. narrative – only the character’s viewpoint should be used, 2. dialogue and 3. action. Use the same viewpoint character, setting and story for all three.

1. Narration:

Everyone thought she was 10 years younger until they got close enough to see the deepening wrinkles and grey flecks hiding in her medium brown hair. The serene grey eyes and expressionless face revealed no inner thoughts, but a relaxed confidence made her appear approachable. Fashionable navy pants covered her long legs, topped by a perfectly matched cardigan with a deep red sweater underneath. Similar red earrings were her only jewelry.

An easy smile often crossed her face and her thoughtful gaze inspired others to reveal their innermost thoughts without realizing it. Everyone knew Anne could keep a secret. They just didn’t know why she was so adept. In the 25 years since she moved to Freeland, few people pierced the hard emotional shell. Her past was buried deep and she had no desire or need to revisit it.

She rarely talked of her family and then only in general and vague terms. She was a good, reliable worker – both at her job and social settings. This allowed her to deflect many unanswered questions from well meaning friends. If you needed a job done right, or needed to know how to do it right, Anne could find a way. Her ability to quickly understand problems and devise solutions was uncanny.

Anne and her dog lived in a comfortable home with an endless list of projects to prevent boredom from calling and she enjoyed the peace and serenity found there.

2. Dialogue

Anne and Helen went towards the old stairs covered with worn burgundy runners. As they started to go up, Helen sat down on the third step and said, “Maybe we should wait.”

“Wait for what? There’s nothing up there. It’s an old building and the creaking is normal. Are you afraid?”

“Yes and you should be too. How can you be so calm and complacent? What if there’s an ax murderer up there?”

“What if there’s nothing up there and we wait like babies until the men come and rescue us? They’ll never let us live it down. Come on!”

“OK, but you first,” Helen said. She held back and watched Anne climb the stairs. “I’m coming right behind you.”

At the top of the stairs, Anne hesitated in the darkened foyer. She approached the door to the musty lodge room, her heart beating wildly. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and quickly flipped on the lights. “See, there’s no one here,” she said turning around. “Helen, where the hell are you? You’re supposed to be right behind me.”

Helen came running up the stairs laughing. “One of us had to stay behind to call the police.”

“Right. And now one of us is going to have to set up the chapter room all by herself.”

“Not on your life. I’m not going back into that dark old storage locker by myself.”

Anne sighed and laughed. “Come on chicken.”

3. Action

Anne walked quickly through the room turning on every light to convert the stale darkness to the friendly warmth she associated with the room. The hall to the storage locker was unlocked which seemed rather odd, but this wasn’t the first time. Anne opened the locker door and began gathering the paraphernalia to set up the chapter room. She took the first batch out to Helen who was busy getting the chairs organized and returned for another load.

Several items were not in their proper places and irritated she searched shelves and back of the locker. The sword was partially hidden behind the file cabinet but came out easily and Anne finished her chore and closed the door.

She followed discretely behind Helen aligning the chairs and paraphernalia until everything was in perfect order, all the while assuring Helen she was doing a great job. Other members arrived to help and Anne directed them to various tasks in the chapter room and the dining hall downstairs.

The hour before the meeting was always a beehive of activity and Anne enjoyed watching everyone scurry around as the old building was transformed into a warm and inviting place.

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WriterKat said...

This is great! I can really see the development of the characters. The dialogue is very natural.