Monday, March 17, 2008

New shoe inspired epiphany

Purchasing new shoes isn’t a momentous event for me. I love shoes and have far more than necessary. I can carry the same purse for years, but shoes are my downfall. A couple of years ago a new brand caught my attention – Sofft. They’re stylish and comfortable – a happy combination. Now several pairs grace my shoe racks and finding a new style to purchase fills me with glee. Sofft shoes aren’t expensive, but they aren’t cheap either - usually about $90 a pair and worth every penny because they’re well constructed and use good materials.

Here is my latest pair:
The other day I looked down at my feet – stunning in my new shoes – and was overcome by the realization of how lucky I am.

I have:
· a spacious and comfortable home that will be paid off in about 5 years,
· a great job working for nice people who treat me well and value my opinion,
· a sweet, goofy dog who adores me,
· wonderful friends and neighbors,
· money in the bank,
· no debt besides my mortgage,
· membership in an organization full of good, happy people,
· and 9 pairs of Sofft shoes (along with shoes from many other brands.)

I’m not rich, but I’m not poor.
I don’t live in a mansion, but I’m not homeless.
I don’t eat steak and lobster very often, but I’m not hungry.
When I’m sick, I can go to a doctor.
I live alone, but I’m never lonely.
I have the ability to help those less fortunate, and I do.
I don’t shop in Beverly Hills, but I wear Sofft shoes.

I am a very lucky woman!

Sometimes the smallest moments can evoke the biggest epiphanies – like looking down at your new shoes.

Have you had any epiphanies lately?


cyn said...

cute shoes, AW! and bonus points for comfort. i'm not a shoe girl myself, but i appreciate those which are comfy!

also love your entry. i'm totally immersed in the query process and am sick just thinking about a response to a full i'm getting this week.

but like you, i always think it's important to take a step back from day to day stresses to view the big picture--and how blessed we truly are for what we have. if i don't get an agent this time, i'll just keep writing and keep trying.

Erica Orloff said...

Yes. When I am tired and exhuasted, like lately, I remind myself that I get to hear the laughter of children . . . often. And I have a Demon Baby who tells me every day he loves me. I have a friend whose daughter will never speak due Angelman's Syndrome. Even when my kids whine, they can TELL me what is wrong.


Aimless Writer said...

Wow, what a happy blog...and cute shoes too!
I love shoes. Thats how I celebrate. Something good happens? We need new shoes.
Life is good as long as we imagine it so.
I have family, dogs and cats and a crazy parrot named Elvis. What else do we need to be happy?

Happy shoes!

Merry Monteleone said...

Lovely, AW - it's fabulous when you can look at your life and be happy with what you have, rather than wishing for whatever it is you don't have... I think sometimes people don't take enough time for this, instead of being thankful for the great blessings we only feel bad for what we haven't done or gotten yet... bah... you're happy when you choose it, not when life hands it to you...

Okay, there's my ramble for the day. I'm not a big shoe person, but I do look forward to summer sandals and flip flops... don't know what it is, but the first days of open shoes always make me smile.

The Anti-Wife said...

Stay positive and think of all the wonderful things in your life - like all those wonderful foods you ate! I'm so envious - except for the wierd stuff.

Sometimes pain is our reminder of how lucky we really are. We just don't always see it that way.

The Anti-Wife said...

Welcome. We're happy today, but we may be crabby again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

Since my cancer years ago, I don't take much for granted anymore. Sometimes I forget just how luck I am though and need these small reminders. In Chicago summers sandals and flip flops are totally appropriate.

WriterKat said...

I've never heard of Sofft. I'll have to check them out. Shoe shopping is one of my least favorite things. If I find one pair, I buy about 3 of the same kind since I know by the time I need a new pair, I won't find something else that good.

Blessings are so important to count. I feel fortunate as well. A great family, kids, job, life. Have a mortgage that will be there for 25 more years, yet still, very blessed in all sorts of ways. Thanks for the reminder!

Mary Witzl said...

I love new shoes too: the lovely, slick gloss of them; the way they look and smell, nestled in their white tissue paper and pristine boxes. I've heard of Sofft shoes, being a huge fan of comfortable footwear, but at $90 a pair, they are out of my reach. Still, I know I'm lucky: I bought a brand new pair of Seibels last week, and they are terrific! Life is far too short for shoes that hurt.

Like you, I really try not to take things for granted. I've got clean running water, shelter, spirited children who do at least SOME studying and occasionally give me back rubs, a large area to garden (sigh), and a cat who brings me freshly killed rodents just about every day. And I'm happy.

Have you ever seen the movie Kinky Boots? If you haven't, run out and get it as soon as you can. I can't get over how feel people have heard of it let alone seen it, and it is a must -- and not just for shoe lovers!

The Anti-Wife said...

I'd rather shop for shoes than clothes and I tend to find a brand I like and stick with it. Finding the Sofft brand was a happy thing.

Kinky Boots? Do your children know you watch these movies? I'll have to look it up.

I often overlook my blessings so this was a good reminder for me too.

Mary Witzl said...

My children absolutely loved Kinky Boots. It really isn't all that kinky, but it IS thoroughly wonderful!

Catherine said...

It is those few moments when you least expect to feel grateful about life and living that touch you the deepest - and think of it all due to new shoes for you! Loved the blog - Thanks - Cat

Demon Hunter said...

Awesome life! So cool! :*) I love shoes too. I look for comfort as well, but I have been known to buy just because they're pretty, but tore my feet up. You have a wonderful life and it's great that you know it. :*)

The Anti-Wife said...

I'll definitely look it up. Thanks for the recommendation.

I enjoy being surprised by my blessings. It's a great reminder.

There's nothing worse than aching feet. It can ruin an otherwise perfect day.

ChristineEldin said...

My kids, all the time. And now the dog we're watching for a couple of months---pure love with four paws and a warm tongue.

bookfraud said...

i have epiphanies all the time. that i'm a bad husband, bad father, bad at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and picking up the milk. i'm not good at housecleaning nor can i cook worth a damn. my clothes are scattered on the floor and i'm more interested in playing with my son than changing him.

i have this epiphany, like, every day at about 7 p.m., when i get home from work.

but it's good to have positive ones, too.

Ello said...

Very nice shoes! And I love your epiphany. I have one similar to that often because I know how lucky I am now.

Travis Erwin said...

They should hire you as their spokeswoman.

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes!!

OMG - love. love love love. shoes = love; (and purses, for me, too)

(Wait, what else did you write??) *grin*

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I got mad at my husband the other day and then realized how lucky I was to have him to get mad at.

Getting mad at the dog just doesn't have the same ooomph.

Actually, it was that he didn't get mad back. He just put up with my silent treatment and kept trying to break in until I gave it up.

I'm a purse girl, myself.

Britta Coleman said...

I too am a shoe lover. My current favorites are Reef flip-flops which I wear whenever it's not freezing outside. Thanks for such an uplifting entry, and the reminder to be thankful.

wordtryst said...

Nice shoes! I recently saw one of theirs in the Maryland Square catalogue. It's called Pavi, and I love it, but yeah, it's 90 dollars. By the time I order it, pay shipping and handling, then courier charges to get it to Trinidad, then local customs and VAT charges, it'll cost a bundle. So, sadly, I decided to be sensible and leave it alone.

It's important to stop and count your blessings every now and then. Your own house! That's almost paid off! **slowly turns green with envy**