Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tell me

How does this make you feel?


mcewen said...

Light headed due to malnutrition -
you didn't want to know that really did you!

Instead, how about you tell me [us] how it makes you feel?
Cheers [with my bottle of Ensure]

Bernita said...

If you really want to know...smug.

The Anti-Wife said...

Eat something damn it! Oops! Sorry!

Originally it made me feel frustrated and unhappy. Then slowly it started to make me feel hopeful. Now - 33 pounds less later - it makes me feel excited and if I can lose this last 10 pounds.........

It will make me feel smug too!

John Elder Robison said...

It make me feel a little strange. It looks like a picture of a scale on a very grainy linoleum floor. If the floor's texture is as grainy as shown in the image, it must feel really strange to walk on barefoot.

Beyond that, it's just a scale with nothing on it. I prefer the more traditional kind with a large platter that you stand on and sliding weights.

You can't trust those new gadgety scales. They seldom do better than 5% accuracy.

The Anti-Wife said...

It's sitting on a blue rag rug. It seemed to be a better background for the picture than my ugly linoleum floor that needs to be replaced. It's actually pretty accurate and always within a pound or 2 of the scales at my doctor's office.

Church Lady said...

What my husband feels about me.

How I measure myself in more than pounds.

A symbol of my failures.

The consequence of my escapisms.

I was severely picked on as a child because of my weight, although looking back, I was never too much overweight. But chubby is as bad as fat when you're not in the popular groups.

I use food to de-stress. I have about 30 pounds I need to shed. I try, but am unable to be consistent. Then I see my husband who seems to easily shed 5 or 10 pounds whenever he wants. But he can step outside the family and take care of himself whenever he wants. Make himself meals without worrying about the children. Go out for exercise whenever he likes. I have the children. Do I resent him for that? No, it's more like hatred. Why do I feel such strong emotions about this particular topic is beyond me. Even as a a grown-up, I'm not obese. Just chubby.

The Anti-Wife said...

"I use food to de-stress."
I used to do that too. Wish I could say there's a magic formula for losing the weight, but the most important thing is just sheer determination and perseverance. It's a constant struggle, but the results are SO worth it.

Church Lady said...

Thanks Anti-Wife. Something I know and don't practice.

I came back to see if I really did post my rant for public viewing. Oh well.... ;-)

Your story is inspirational! When you're healthy, you just plain feel better.

I'm not as overweight as I feel in my head. I'm squeezing into my size 12. But I do have emotional issues with food, and I know I have to get healthy now so I can stay healthy as I age (I'm 41).


wordtryst said...

I recoil in horror. Yeah, I have issues.

"Do I resent him for that? No, it's more like hatred."
Church lady, that made me laugh out loud.

Anti-wife, if you don't look out you'll end up being my weight-loss inspiration.

The Anti-Wife said...

See - scales are not just simple machines. They evoke strong emotions!

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