Monday, August 27, 2007

Update on Internet Matchmaking

So, it’s been close to a month since I signed up at the internet matchmaking site. Time for a report.

First of all, I totally revised my profile and added some up to date pictures. I actually sound pretty nice and like a good catch now. I’ll spring the total bitch on them later! JUST KIDDING! A couple of my friends made me rewrite it because they said no decent man would ever respond to the other one.

I’ve been viewed anywhere from a low of 5 times per day to a high of 43 times in one day. I reset the counter everyday (because I’m a trained researcher – that’s why!).

I’ve had about 30 winks – you know the guys too cheap to sign up for the full service unless someone actually responds to their wink. At least 25 of the winkers are from out of state. Hmmmmmm! Winkers get rejected just on principle. If they’re that damned tight, I’m not interested!

I’ve also had several e-mails – about 10 so far. Now perhaps some of them just got totally distracted by my incredibly beautiful face smiling back at them and forgot to read my profile. It clearly states I am spiritual but not religious, politically liberal, intelligent, and looking for someone who is fit and likes to be up and doing things.

So far I’ve had 2 ultraconservatives and one conservative, 4 religious ones who have mentioned Jesus and 1 who mentioned all his church activities, 2 who had spelling and grammatical errors in the e-mails (I hear you all cringing out there!), and the last one said he is a little overweight and enjoys watching TV – his pictures looked like he is a lot overweight. All of them have received the “No Thanks” e-mail.

I actually found a few guys who looked okay and sounded interesting and sent 3 e-mails so far. Now, 2 of those e-mails were sent before my friends made me change my profile and the e-mails were a little snarky. I haven’t received any replies yet and my friends say I have to re-send e-mails to the first 2 guys. They’ve even volunteered to write them for me.

“For God’s sake, I’m a writer,” I say.

“And how many responses have you received to your e-mails?” they say.



I agreed they could read them before I sent them.

I’ll keep you posted.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

I have a friend who is looking for real love this way. He found one chick--three states away!!

I don't envy you the process. Actually, I've always known that if something happened to my beloved, I'd turn into the biggest slut this side of the Mississip. Love, I can live without, but if I don't get sex regularly, I get tetchy.

Church Lady said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to Rosie. could post your profile on your blog, and we could all screen them for you. Yes! That's it!!!


I retitled your link on my blog...

The Anti-Wife said...

Nothing's easy these days except you and me. I think all these men are liars. They say they're looking at women up to age 60, but I think they're all actually drooling over the 30 year olds.

Rosie says, "Arf!"

I have enough volunteers to "screen" them for me. I just need something worth screening!

Jaye Wells said...

You mention several emailing you, but are you emailing anyone interesting?

Church Lady said...

Have you read this book "Her Side of the Story?" I believe that's the right title. It's written by a Scottish or Irish lady (all those Europeans are the same) Just kidding!
Anyway, it's about an aspiring writer looking for love, and the book is written like a series of emails. (It's been a while since I read it). It's cute and quirky. You might like it.


Ello said...

Hey, if they don't respond to you being yourself, then how will they be when they meet you in person?

The Anti-Wife said...

Three sent so far, but no responses yet. My goal is one per week.

Hey, I'm Scottish! I'll look for the book. Thanks!

Good question. Although at this rate, I may not have to worry about meeting any of them in person. It certainly is an interesting process.