Monday, September 24, 2007

“Bad Girl” by Maya Reynolds – a review

Being bad can be so good. All it takes is the right man. By day, Sandy Davis is a dedicated social worker. By night, she's found an unlikely pastime: spying on her neighbors' erotic encounters. She tells herself that it's harmless, until one night she finds herself on the receiving end of such a fantasy-and an anonymous phone call from a peeping stranger who calls himself Justice, and whispers, "You've been a bad girl." The arousing predicament turns into a sensual dance between the adventurous pair. But when a third player enters their sexy game, the fun turns to something darker and more dangerous.

This is the description from the publisher. What they don’t tell you is that you should read this in a tub full of ice cubes and be prepared to add more ice frequently because this book is hot. This is true erotica – a genre I don’t typically read. The sex is frequent and no details are neglected. I never considered myself uninformed or naïve until I read this. There’s a whole world of sex toys out there I knew nothing about, but I know now!

If this was just a book about sex, I would probably lose interest after a while. But “Bad Girl” has a wonderful tinge of thriller mixed in when Sandy becomes an unwilling target of one of the people upon whom she was spying. It’s also a true romance as Sandy and her hero realize their relationship is about more than sex. The story is involving and interesting and it was hard to put the book down.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Bad Girl” and highly recommend it.

I rate it 5 cold showers.


wordtryst said...

I intended to read it anyway, as I intend to read all books by writers I know in blogland. But now I can't wait. I don't usually read in this genre either, but it sounds like a great read.

Maya Reynolds said...

AW: Thanks for the great review. I appreciate it--and you--enormously.

Liane: Congratulations on your offer from Dorchester. I look forward to reading your romance. Thanks for the link to my blog. I've added you to my links.

Church Lady said...

Hanging out with grown-up chics is expanding my horizons! I just ordered it off Amazon, as well as Lottery, Look me in the Eye, and the first Darkyn novel. Can't wait!

Maya Reynolds said...

CL: Thanks!!! Suggest you wear your oven mitts when handling. [grin}

The Anti-Wife said...

Oven mitts and a tub of ice!