Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sometimes life just sucks!

I'm in a funk right now. I know it's temporary and will pass soon, but I've found it's better to just ride it out and gain some experience and perspective than to fight it and pretend everything's great.

So if you have any good jokes, now would be a really good time to share them.


Anonymous said...

No jokes, but life could be worse. Our next door neighbor's house got hit by lightning last week and blew out much of our electronics, plus my washer. The TV cable was black from being burnt.

It woudl take 5 days to get the washer fixed. I hand washed the essential clothes. I put them on the wooden dryer rack. It broke.

If this was the first time that a house next door to us got hit by lightning it wouldn't be funny. But this is the FOURTH time that a house next door to us (in 2 states) has been hit by lightning, and we have had a major ground surge that bypassed the surge protectors.

You may be in a funk, but it could be worse. At least you aren't getting zapped!

Anonymous Sister of Anti-Wife

Merry Jelinek said...

Sorry you're in a rough patch. Let's see, I got a pretty good email joke a few weeks ago:

Mrs. Brown was giving her first grade class a lesson in which she explained that humans are the only animals that stutter. Little suzy in the front row raised her hand and said, "No we're not, Mrs. Brown, my kitty used to stutter."

Mrs. Brown, knowing how precious children's perceptions could be, asked little Suzy to explain.

"Well," she said, "one day I was in the backyard with my kitty and the big Rottweiler from next door jumped the fence. My kitty arched her back up and said, 'Ffff - ffff- fff'!"

"Well, Suzy, that must have been very frightening for you." Mrs. Brown said.

Suzy replied, "It sure was! and that mean old Rottweiler ate my cat before she even got out the word, 'fuck'!"

Hope it gave you a chuckle. Feel better soon.

The Anti-Wife said...

Anonymous Sister,
That's what you get for living in FL - land of lightning! 4 times - ouch!

Love that joke. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Found this one on another site...

"When I die, I want to go like my grandfather; quietly, in my sleep. Not screaming like his passengers.

-Jack Handey"

Anonymous Sister of Anti-Wife