Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baby Boomers Revolt!

Check out this picture. When you look at it, what’re your thoughts? How would you describe this person – not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and intellectually? Think about it for a minute.

Are you thinking?

This person is a baby boomer – 59 years young.

Does that surprise you? If so, why?

Lately, several things I’ve read have lead me to believe I should:

· Have grey hair – perhaps dyed,
· Walk with a cane or walker,
· Wear oversized housedresses or slacks with only elastic waistbands,
· Wear orthopedic shoes,
· Go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 every night – including weekends,
· Have a lifetime supply of batteries for my hearing aids,
· Have an extra cabinet devoted to all my medications,
· Say, “Oh dear” incessantly,
· Run around patting people on the back, head or pinching their cheeks,
· Wear bottle bottom glasses,
· Be overweight and out of shape,
· Sit around knitting and watching TV while I’m babysitting my grandchildren,
· Never think about sex,
· And, well, shall I go on and on ad infinitum?

Here are some facts for you.

· I just started turning grey in the last couple of years. My hair isn’t dyed. What you see is my natural color.
· I don’t use anything to assist me in walking. In fact, I normally walk about 2 miles every day after work and I work out with weights. How about you?
· I wear very stylish clothes that are in excellent condition.
· I wear stylish shoes including some with 3” heels and my ankles don’t wobble or my feet suffer from doing so.
· I go to bed between 10 and 10:30 on weekdays because I get up at 6 am to get ready for work. Sometimes I stay up until midnight or later. Ooooooooo!
· My hearing is excellent - better than some much younger people who have ruined theirs with booming music from I-pods or standing too close to speakers at rock concerts.
· I only take one regular medication.
· I’m more likely to say “Oh shit” than “Oh dear”.
· If you’re a hot man, I’m more likely to pat your behind than your back – surreptitiously of course!
· I had lasik surgery, although I still need reading glasses.
· I’m neither overweight or out of shape.
· I have a fixer house and have done most of the work myself, so sitting around knitting just won’t work for me and I don’t babysit.
· I think about sex – a lot!

My point is; we’re baby boomers – not dead. Don’t depict us all as cute little grannies or poor lonely souls.

I would put myself up against any of you intellectually, emotionally and mentally and I could probably physically kick most of your asses.
We have buying power. Most of us have disposable incomes and time to read your books - or not read them if you piss us off.



Bernita said...

You said it, Babe!

Travis Erwin said...

You've got nme scared.

Actually I think all of that is great.

I am in a critique group where I am the only male and the average age is 60+. I once wrote a scen where a woman in her early seventies was having loud sex to annoy her late forties daughter and the first thing my group said was, I'm proud you think we are still capable of carrying on like that.

I try to never stereotype people but I know I am guilty at times.

Anonymous said...

Knock on wood!!!! Quick!!! Use your head if you have to!!! You might fall apart any minute!!!

;) :)
Anonymous Sister of Anti-wife

Church Lady said...

The photos on the right side look like you're in your 30s. Every time I look at them, I do a double-take, because I know you're older.
This photo of you is stunning.

You want to know impressions?
You look stress-free. That sounds counter-intuitive given what I've read from you lately, but that's what your photo says. Friends of mine who are stressed have more facial lines and are overweight. They don't smile as much. Their hair is more coarse (yours looks silky and shiny, which is something I've remarked on before).
You look healthy.
You look like you're taking care of yourself.

Merry Jelinek said...

First of all, yay you!!! I don't know what you read that set you on this path, but hopefully the market will catch up with us... stereotypes are out there for a reason, but those are no longer honest or realistic.

by the way, I got my first gray hair when I was 18 - if I didn't dye it now, I'd be salt and pepper.... I'm 34.

And you look fantastic. period. Not for your age, just plain great.

The Muse said...

Wow! You look great. If I had to guess your age from this photo I'd say mid-forties. Single women do live longer lives (and I think age better than married ones!) Men take a toll on us. I believe stress, attitude, and nutrition reflect in our looks. You look healthy and confident. (I don't dye my hair either and I have almost no grey. I think that's from taking lots of vitamins.) I do require more maintenance the older I get though.

The Anti-Wife said...

Power to the Boomers. Dismiss us and suffer the consequences.

How smart of you to surround yourself with older women. It will serve you well.

Anony-mouse Sister,
I'm too mean to fall apart!

The Anti-Wife said...

I'm not stress-free, but I do know how to handle stress far better than many people and I am working hard to take care of myself because I intend to be a pain in my Anony-mouse Sister's butt for a long time to come.

Stereotypes are rarely realistic. Give me a stereotype and I'll give you a thousand exceptions. Thanks for the compliments.

Mid-40's would be good, but I'm pretty happy where I am and I don't have periods anymore - well worth aging.

Ello said...

You look beautiful and no where near your real age. I'd think you were lying to me except I know you are telling the truth. I never think of people in terms of generations - like baby boomers gen x gen y. It doesn't factor into my thinking. But perhaps because I am a minority myself I hate to stereotype anyone.

Mary Witzl said...

I have a friend who started going grey when she was 25; another still has dark brown hair and is 57. I don't dye my hair, but thank God for henna. And I have used ear plugs all my life due to hearing that is too acute, and now like you have perfectly perserved hearing. At least my ears are still 20 years old.

However, I dress like a zhlub. Once in a while I make an effort to look sharp, but my fashion sense is woefully lacking. If I had your figure, I'd probably make more of an effort. Actually, somewhere in there I DO have your figure; it's just submerged under about 7 kg of extra padding.

I reserve the right to act however I please, whatever my age. It drives me wild when someone points out a woman who is dressing the wrong way for her age. Says who? I want to scream.

The Anti-Wife said...

You caught me. I'm actually 29 1/2 times 2. Stereotyping of any type pisses me off!

I lost over 30 pounds before I started dressing well again. It really does wonders for the ego and I highly recommend it.

Mary Witzl said...

Now I wish I hadn't had that chocolate...

Colorado Writer said...

Hot mama!

Kim Stagliano said...

You're beautiful! I see the 20 somethings with Botox in their faces and cringe. Remind me that when you get older you need a little padding - that very skinny "ropey" look that Demi Moore and Nicolette Sheridan have is not really that pretty. It looks hard and tough. Demi was prettier as a younger woman not because she was younger, but softer.

You're beautiful.

Lauri said...

Whoa-I hope I look that great at 59! I just turned 41, and my parents are getting into their 70's, and actually look like they are early 50's. I've been noticing a lot lately about how young and healthy so many "seniors" are looking lately. One, because my mom and dad are definitely getting up there, and two, because I'm not that far behind. Makes me feel much better about being in my 40's!


cyn said...

you are the same age as my mother. (and please, don't take that the wrong way.) but she is also very youthful and beautiful, like you. it really makes me happy. i offered to take her to paris for her 60th bday, but she declined--what with my 2.5 and 4 year old in tow. 8) i guess she's smart like that. ha!

Maya Reynolds said...

Damn, girl! Looking good.