Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 10th!

October 10th is my birthday! This isn't a major one - just another one.

Birthdays aren't special to me. I blogged about this before on August 29th.

I'm overwhelmed with crap right now.

My dog Rosie is dying.

I have a virus in my ankle. It's very painful, has me limping and unable to walk Belle.

Things are better at work, but there are still a couple of serious unresolved issues.

Sunday, I came back downstairs after fixing my coffee and breakfast to find about an inch of water in the bathroom and laundry room. Long story short; there was a break in my sewer pipe about 5 feet from the house. 20 feet of new pipe, 2 enormous holes in my side yard (to be filled in after the city inspection on Thursday) and $6,100 later, it's fixed.

I can probably come up with a couple more things, but I think that's enough for now.
Maybe next year I'll feel more like celebrating.


Church Lady said...

A quote from a sage: Life should be a blessing. Always maintain your perspective.

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!!! Go have some Pralines and Cream (maybe let Rosie lick the spoon). Go to a museum or see a movie. Write another chapter for your 'will-be-published-in-the-future' book. Go get a massage.

I consider you a friend. I think you have lots of friends. I'm sending positive thoughts your way! :-)

Bernita said...

I know the feeling. One feels like snarling at anyone who wishes one a "happy" birthday.
That's a bugger of a weight.
I hope those scales balance out soon.

Church Lady said...

Bernita, really? I disagree (respectfully, of course!)

I think any time you can find a reason to celebrate life, you should seize it. I'm sensitive to the fact that this is much harder at some times than others, but that's when it becomes even more important.

I think it's easier in these days of hurried life and isolation to slide into depression. And one brooding thought leads to another leads to another. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, except that I believe in your last post. Look for the blessings (sometimes they're hidden) and allow yourself moments of happiness. I know Rosie's not in good shape. But you can still have a moment of happiness with her while she's still here.

I do want you to have something nice for yourself on your birthday.


Ello said...

Hey AW - I feel for you, sometimes life just drags you down. But if you can have a chance to grab a big luscious piece of chocolate cake or whatever is your equivalent of heaven on a plate, then please try to have yourself a little bit of happiness cause you definitely deserve it!

Maya Reynolds said...

AW: Happy Birthday!!!

The nice thing about living is that every day is another chance. Think of your birthdays as merit badges. You've earned them, by God!!

I didn't sleep well last night and was tired and achy this morning. I decided to take a mental health day. I generally allow myself one or two a year.

I napped and read and wrote.

Tomorrow will be better because of it.

My memory is you're leaving for Hawaii in two or three weeks. Celebrate that!!!

Many happy returns of the day.

Best regards,


The Muse said...

Birthdays are hard the older that I get; but it's better than the alternative...

I think it was Robin Williams that once said to live each day as if it were your last, because ONE day you will be right!

Pralines and Cream is a great suggestion, Church Lady. That's my favorite ice cream and a cure all. Or perhaps she should have a mudslide or a margarita.

Cheers! Happy Birthday!

Lucy London said...

First of all, happy birthday! And I read your post about birthdays, which I completely understand... Birthdays can fall by the wayside when there's other crap going on. On my last birthday, I took myself out to eat. At Taco Bell. That was pretty much the extent of it...

And I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. :(

The Anti-Wife said...

Stupid Sage! Thanks, friend!

It's kind of crappy right now, but at least everything happened at once. It'll be better soon.

I agree with Bernita. Sometimes you need to allow the unhappiness to sweep through you. If you don't it just stays inside and festers until it grows into something destructive.

The Anti-Wife said...

I ate chocolate all day. YUM. It really is therapeutic.

Kauai starting October 30th! Ahhhhh!

The Anti-Wife said...

Another Pralines and Cream lover! I knew I liked you!

I treated myself to ham and eggs with salsa and cheese with a chocolate ice cream bar for dessert. (I never eat eggs because of the cholestorol so it was a treat) And I gave a little to my dogs even though I never do that either. It was wonderful.

However, now they're both having killer fart attacks. Thank God for Glade!

The Muse said...

Hey Anti-Wife,

Kauai is supposed to be the most enchanting island in Hawaii. I'm planning to visit next year. You know that they have their own Grand Canyon? I researched it and found that they have zip-trekking also. You MUST try this (that is if you have a strong heart). It is the most thrilling sport. I did it for the first time in Whistler, BC with my 10-year-old son, husband, and friends. Very few places have this type of recreation. It helped me overcome many fears. We zip-trekked from Whistler mountain to Blackcomb mountain. We were 300 feet high in the alpine trees above a rocky gorge and a beautiful river that carried aqua glacier water. It was spectacular! You feel like you are flying. Once you have done it and reached the other side you have such a euphoric feeling of loving life, being thankful to be alive. It is a religious experience that forever changes you and heightens your awareness of how precious that life is...

Try it!

wordtryst said...

Jeez, when it rains it really does pour.

I'll still wish you a happy birthday, because - I don't care if this sounds corny, and take it from me, I've had to learn the hard way to find something to celebrate when the crap keeps on rising... Where was I? Ah, reasons to celebrate:

You're alive. You're strong. You're a survivor. People care about you. People want you around. If you weren't there are people who would be heartbroken. And you have blessings to count, so go ahead and count them.

Happy birthday, anti-wife.

The Anti-Wife said...

Zip treking sounds fun if I can get my health problems under control. I've heard Kauai is really nice and am really looking forward to going there.

Just - thanks!