Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Silliness - mood buttons 2 and thank you notes.

I would like to issue a public thank you to all the people in the airports and on the planes for being certain to spread their germs around by hacking, coughing, sneezing and then walking through the plane and putting their germy paws on the seats with no regard for any other passengers. I realize using soap and tissues or covering your mouth during your outbursts is very inconvenient and wanted to let you know how grateful I was to end up with bronchitis because of your generosity.

I would also like to thank Dallas for having the world's largest and most inconvenient airport. I would have taken that train thingy had I known it existed, but one of your very intelligent employees assured me that Gates D 12 and A 17 were easy walking distance. After walking through at least 3 states his lies became apparent. I realize my vacation was filled with overeating, but exercising under the stress of a short connection was not my plan.

I would also like to thank American Airlines for making sure my luggage did not accompany me on the trip from Dallas to Seattle. It was wonderful to arrive at the airport and watch everyone else take their luggage off the carousel then stand in line for 15 minutes with the rest of the bagless people only to be told my bag was still in Dallas. Well, DUH! I also really appreciated receiving it at 4:30 the next day at work just as I was getting ready to go home. I do apologize for yelling at and threatening to sue the delivery person who called me at 9 a.m. and informed me he didn't think he could make it the 5 miles from the airport to my office before 5 p.m.

Thank you all so much for waiting until the end of my trip to materialize.

As promised, here's the next round of buttons.


Church Lady said...

Hahahaha! Sorry for the bronchitis, but you are a hilarious chick! (even when you're hacking up phlegm)

The Anti-Wife said...

I aim to please!

WriterKat said...

"did you eat a bowl of stupid" wins in my book. I hope you feel better! You got a laugh out of me. :-)

Mary Witzl said...

This had me laughing too. In Japan, a lot of commuters use surgical masks in the winter to lessen the risk of infection on crowded trains. I thought this was weird at first, but after catching one too many colds myself, gave it a try -- and I can definitely recommend it. One of the biggest advantages is that if you have a cold yourself and have to cough, your mouth is already fairly well covered.

Wish I could blame Dallas International and American Airlines for my bronchitis and general grumpiness, but I've hardly been out of the house for weeks. My kids probably brought home tiny souvenirs for me: microbes, of course.

Ello said...

Ok I love all these buttons and can't decide which is my favorite! They are all too awesome!! Seriously, we need surgical masks to travel by air these days!

Demon Hunter said...

Lol, too funny! Loved the buttons, by the way! I have seen you forever on everyone else's blogs and decided to come by to say hi. I like it, so I'll keep coming! :*)

The Anti-Wife said...

Glad you liked these. More to come. Thanks for stopping by.

I'd like to put surgical masks on a lot of people - not just to stifle their coughs but also to muffle their voices. Is that wrong of me?

The Anti-Wife said...

But wait - there's more!

Welcome to my little slice of heaven. Always glad to have new blogging friends.

Demon Hunter said...

Thanks. I love new blogging buds as well! :*)

wordtryst said...

LMAO! I know all of this must have been sorely trying at the time, but thank goodness you can find some humor in it afterwards. Love those buttons!