Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And the winning color is....

Drumroll please!!!!!!


It's actually a grayish, brownish green and looks really good in all light - or lack thereof which is a common occurrence here in the PNW.

Anyway, they're starting the process next Monday the 18th by power washing the entire house. Then they scrape, sand, caulk, prime and paint. I'll post pictures as we go so you can share in the progress.

After it's done and I recover financially, I'm going to put a cover on my deck - one of those clear ones so I can still see the sky. I really love looking at the rain! That's another reason to cover the deck - otherwise I'll never be able to sit out there!

One good thing about a fixer house - it keeps me out of trouble because I can't afford trouble. Maybe I should recommend a fixer house to Paris Hilton, only it would have to be more like a fixer chateau or castle.

Is it hot where you are? I actually had to turn my heat back on last week because it was so cold in my house!

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