Friday, June 1, 2007

Going Home

Sitting at the Newark Airport waiting for my flight back to Seattle. Had a great time at the Backspace Writer's Conference. Met some really great people with whom I will keep in touch - writers are very interesting. Talked to some interesting people and learned an amazing amount. Now have many things to ponder when I get home.

I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep last night and about the same from the night before. It's hard to sleep in a strange bed, but it's harder still when your brain absolutely will not shut down.

I have to totally rethink my book. Not quite sure how to do that yet, but after some sleep and some TLC from my dogs I'll start the process of reassessing everything.

Questions I have to think about:
Is my story worthy of being a memoir?
Should my book be more prescriptive/self-help as many people have suggested?
Should I scrap the whole non-fiction approach and just turn all the juciest parts into a novel?

Anyway, I'll sit down and give you a total recap of the conference tomorrow with my impressions.

Feel the pain in the brain!

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