Thursday, June 28, 2007

I love my friends!

I have wonderful friends, some of whom I don't see very often. I just spent 4 wonderful days with many of them catching up on our lives. We were at our annual cult meeting (it's not really a cult but I enjoy confusing people) and while I was very busy working most of the time there was still time to renew our friendships. I even sang - in front of 1200 people!

That's right - I sing. When I was in high school Mom forced me to take singing lessons because she thought I had a beautiful voice and wanted me to excel at something. Like the piano lessons she also tried to provide for me, I wasn’t interested at the time. Over time my voice went with my confidence – down the drain. I smoked cigarettes, then pot. I neglected it and it lay fallow for years. When my confidence and self esteem finally started returning, so did my voice.

I’m not a great singer, not do I aspire to be one. However, I can carry a tune and my voice is good enough that several friends have asked me to sing for various occasions. I’ve sung in front of 20 people to almost 1,500 people. I never accept money and if someone insists, I ask them to make a donation to their favorite charity instead. As long as they don’t give me money, whether I’m good or bad it’s worth what they paid.

I think part of the reason people ask me to sing is because I often make fun of myself and tell silly stories. Everyone seems to have a good time. I’ve dressed as a mermaid, Minnie Mouse, a farmer, a vixen, an angel with horns and many other things. I’m known for writing funny new lyrics to old songs to fit the personality of the person for whom I’m singing.

I’m always nervous when I sing. But the way I make it through is by remembering that the person who asked me to sing believes in me. Because they believe in me, I believe in myself and I can sing.

My friends believe in me. For them, I can sing!

(I'm 5th from the left, brown sweater - with my eyes closed!)

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