Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm Baaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Been gone for a few days with limited access to the computer. Feeling tired but refreshed.

Will update more later!

Still discovering things about this damned cell phone. Like: It helps to make sure the electrical outlet you plug it in to recharge the battery is actually working!

At the hotel where we stayed, they had an extra outlet on the desk. What I didn't realize is, it wasn't plugged into the wall. So, for 4 days, I charged my phone on a dead outlet. I discovered this as I was leaving this morning when I checked my phone for messages and found a blank screen staring back at me. At that point I was in a hurry to check out and get to my last meeting before going home, so I drove home with a dead phone.

Fortunately I arrived home early enough to check all my e-mails and answer them before everyone left the office for the day. No major catastrophes but a couple of rather peeved co-workers.

I am a whiz at the computer, but this stupid cell phone has me completely frustrated. And I still haven't figured out how to make it do the dishes!

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous brother-in-law of Auntie Anti-Wife just ordered me a new cell phone as well. I have to put on my reading glasses and hold it at just the right angle to see what it says on that blasted screen. Not easy to do while driving, believe me...

Fortunately it is also Verizon, which means in-network long-distance calls are covered. hint...

-Anonymous Sister of Anti-Wife