Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Answers to more of Precie's Questions

Precie Said:

Follow-up Qs:

1) Favorite Christmas ornament and why?

2) Favorite Disney ride? And have you been to DW to ride Mission: Space and/or Soarin' and/or Test Track?

3) Favorite Disney film?

4) Favorite Disney character?

5) What was that about a cult?

6) What are your biggest pet peeves?

Thanks for answering my previous questions. For some reason, I'm in an inquisitive mood lately. :)

1. Favorite Christmas ornament? Yikes! This is really tough. I could probably narrow it down to 25 - maybe. Some of them aren’t that pretty, but they have lots of meaning.

This is an interesting experiment. I may have to pull them all out again and see if I can find an absolute favorite.

2. Favorite Disney ride? A toss up between Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. I don’t like the big roller coasters, but those small ones are great.

I tried Mission:Space once. I got in the car, they shut the door, the capsule narrowed and I started pounding on the door screaming for them to let me out. Seriously! I’m claustrophobic. The a#%hole attendant finally came and let me out and yelled at me for trying to ruin their millions of dollars worth of equipment. Right! Yeah! Like that’s gonna happen with my girlie fists. It was the only time I’ve ever had anyone at Disney be rude to me. But I was so freaked out I just hopped out of the capsule and ran out of the building as fast as possible. Probably won’t be trying that again!

Went on Soarin in December at DW. It was fabulous. Highly recommend it. Never been on Test Track but my Anonymouse Sister probably has. She’s a Disneyholic and lives really close to DW.

3. Favorite Disney movie? Animated – Snow White. Love those 7 little dwarfs. Live action – The Parent Trap – both old and new versions. Hokey but very fun.

4. Favorite Disney character? Can there be any doubt?

5. Cult. What cult? Who said anything about a cult?

6. Biggest pet peeves. People who pop their gum and chew with their mouths open. (Something my mother drilled into me with a laser when I was young.) Second - people who constantly interrupt others when they’re talking and finish other people’s sentences. I don’t have much tolerance for rude people.

Any more questions? Anyone?
I also give excellent advice. Don’t believe me? Just ask me!


Demon Hunter said...

I love the Minnie pic! :*)

Hmmm, question. What genre(s) do you write in? Why?

What do you do for fun?

bookfraud said...

so your favorite disney character is goofy? just kidding.

of course you're in a cult -- the cult of the fiction writer.

being interrupted is my major A-No. 1 pet peeve. it drives batty. all i do is stew in anger when it happens, so my question to you is: what is a snappy reply to someone who constantly interrupts me?

Precie said...


I saw the Minnie pic on your sidebar but didn't want to make assumptions.

You know, I'm claustrophobic too, but for some reason, M:S didn't bother me. It's a cool ride, but I agree it isn't for everyone. Soarin', on the other hand, is soooo lovely. Now I miss's my favorite place on earth.

As for a cult, I quote:
4. Interesting question. In a way, yes. It helped clarify the direction I was already heading and proved I have the ability to do it. Finding the time to focus on writing is a challenge. I work full time, am active in my cult, have a house and yard to manage, keep volunteering to help my friends with projects and am just a busy person. However, with the new direction for the manuscript I’m inspired and the ideas are flowing freely for the first time in a while.

Was that a typo? :)

The Anti-Wife said...

It wasn't a typo - and it's not really a cult. It's a national social and philanthropic organization with a ritualistic ceremony based on the teachings of the Bible.

Several years ago I was trying to explain it to a woman I used to work with and she said it sounded like a cult. She wasn't very quick and I knew that further explanations wouldn't brighten the bulbs, so I told her it wasn't really a cult but she could call it that if she wanted to. Since then, everyone at work calls it my cult - even though she's long gone. It's quite fun watching the new people at work when someone mentions it.

Precie said...

See? You thought no one was reading carefully! ;)