Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sole searching advice

Ladies and gentlemen – I need your assistance.

Okay. So this probably isn’t what you first thought when you read the title, but I did spell it correctly. I’m getting another pair of my fabulous Sofft shoes. I blogged before about my adoration of this brand of shoes and my nine pairs.

Not long after that I received the offer for a new pair. Call it a loyal customer reward. All I have to do is pick out a pair and let them know my choice. This may sound easy to most of you, but I’m a Libra and I tend to agonize over the stupidest things. Here I am – a woman in shoe heaven. I can choose any pair I want. Aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!

I went to their wonderful website to try to narrow down my choices and found several candidates to join my shoe world. However, I have slightly strange feet in that my right one is a 10 and my left one is a 9.5. Normally I buy for the right foot and do sneaky shoe tricks to make the left one fit right. However, 2 of the pairs I selected fall into the sandal category and my tricks would thus be exposed. So I ventured off to the local shoe emporiums to do some trying on.

I ended up with several possibilities and another pair of Sofft shoes. Meet my newest addition: Vivian - This handcrafted peep toe sling is versatile enough to wear for business or pleasure.

Yes, I understand I could have requested these as my new pair, but they were having a one day sale and the price was great plus I had a $20 off store reward coupon. How could I resist? I couldn’t and I didn’t! Quit lecturing me!

Here’s where you all come in. I have narrowed it down to 3 pairs and love them all, so I’m asking you to help me choose by voting for your favorite. Men, please join in. Your opinions are important too. Here are the candidates:

Charis (light gold) - Elegance and grace weave together on this charming kitten heel.

Lydia (copper multi)- This interwoven, braided sling unites a unique blend of extravagance and modesty.

Serena (deep purple) - With its delicate floral detail and patent trim, this pump can be worn to any special occasion.

Vote early and vote often. I want to send in my choice this weekend before they decide I’m some kind of deranged old bag lady and withdraw their offer.



Stephen Parrish said...

I voted (for the first one---I've already forgotten the name). But I'm wondering why a pattern is printed on the bottom of the sole. Doesn't it sorta kinda RUB OFF??? ON THE GROUND???

debra said...

Go for the red ones!!!

Erica Orloff said...

Top one. No contest.


cyn said...

i like the lydia and then the vivian. i'm looking at what you alrady have and lydia seems good for more casual yet elegant warmer climes? tho i love the color and style of viv. yay shoes!

The Anti-Wife said...

It only rubs off on the faces of those I crush under my tiny little feet. That's how the detectives track me.

I already bought the red ones. Pick another pair!

Kinda cute, aren't they?

See note to Debra about Vivian. She's already in my closet. And, Yay shoes!!!!

bookfraud said...

i used to comment on women's shoes as a pickup line. word. the trick was i had to be genuine (i.e. "those are really cool/interesting/flattering shoes"); it never failed to get a phone number. and i mean never.

oh, did i say i really like you in those charis shoes? you look so elegant and graceful, like it was weaved together.

Jaye Wells said...

I vote for purple. The color is beautiful. Plus they're more of a year-round shoe.

alex keto said...

Make the decision easy. just ask yourself, which one would Imelda Marcos choose?

ChristineEldin said...

Top one!!!

Or all of them.


Bernita said...

I like # 2.

And thank you, AW. I really wuvs cops!

Mary Witzl said...

The coppery goldy ones, now that I know you have the red ones.

Gee, those red shoes look great. What is there about red shoes, anyway? I wish I had a pair just to admire and never, ever wear...

The Anti-Wife said...

I am elegant and graceful. Oh, and would you and your wife and children like to have lunch sometime?

The practical side of me agrees with you and I do love the color. Don't have any other purple shoes except for a satin pair from a wedding a few years ago. (Not mine!)

The Anti-Wife said...

That would mean I get them all! Whoopee!

With my shoe addiction, they may all wind up in my closet eventually.

Thanks! Hope your hubby is better!

The Anti-Wife said...

I love red shoes too and these are very comfortable. Ive had lots of compliments on them. All my shoes see lots of wear. If they sit on the shelf too long, they get donated to make room for a new pair.

Britta Coleman said...

First of all, congratulations on the addition of Vivian. Excellent choice.

For your next pair, I have to go with the lovely Serena. Deep purple, a sweet little heel--what's not to like?

flip said...

I love shoes. I love Vivian.

The Anti-Wife said...

Love my Vivians. They're on my feet as I type. Looking very stylish today! Serena is pretty cute!

A shoe lover! You must be a stellar person.

*Tyler* said...

I read your comments often on Britta's blog and finally came over to take a peek. What a treat it has been being introduced to such precious footwear. I am LOVING the Vivians. Excellent choice!

Now on to the voting...
I must say I really like Charis. What a perfect shoe for summer!

And now I am off to search the internet looking for these great shoes in my area!

WriterKat said...

I vote for the Charis (light gold) one. Really cute!

Mary Witzl said...

Anti-wife, my pretty shoes are icons. The really comfortable ones get worn. The beautiful ones are treated like a beloved car; polished, admired, taken out for only a rare spin. I heard my eldest daughter commenting to a friend once "Don't touch those; they're my MOTHER's and they're not for wearing. She, like, collects them." Which really sums it up.

But those red shoes -- ooh, they look comfortable. They might just get worn.

Demon Hunter said...

I like them all, but I like the first pair the best! :*) Let us know what you chose, AW.

Josephine Damian said...

Yeah, love the red ones - see why they were an automtic choice.

#1 is too casual, #3 is too formal and limiting color-wise so I vote for #2.

That reminds me, I'm seriously in need of new shoes myself.

Doreen Orion said...

I'm so sorry I saw this post too late to vote, especially since Polly Kahl, Robin Altman and I are having a Shoe-Off on our blogs.

So which one won? If not too late, I'd vote for Lydia.

wordtryst said...

Don't care if I'm late - I'm voting!

Number one. Believe it or not, I bookmarked this pair after your last post on Sofft when I went browsing their site. Number one rocks!