Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Answers to Writerkat's questions

Writerkat said:
I think 1976 was the year I went to DW for the first time. It was in the middle of a snowstorm on the east coast.
Here's my questions:
1.) What is the knarliest chore you've let go while you write?
2.) What do you suggest to look for in considering an on-line class for writing?
3.) In one sentence, what did you learn about yourself when taking this course?

1. I feel a list coming on! Ironing, dusting, vacuuming, mowing the lawn. I haven’t really given them up so much as postponed them. I did the first 3 last week because of company over the weekend and finally called my gardening service to come and do their semi-annual cleaning next Saturday.

The most needed chore right now is just some additional de-cluttering and reorganizing. Occasionally I have to stop and put everything back in order. It helps my concentration and makes me more productive.

2. If you haven’t taken a fundamentals class – do it. It may be a repeat of many things you know, but it’s a great refresher and helps you refocus. If you’ve taken a fundamentals class, decide where you’re weakest and take that class. If you’re not really weak in any area but just need some additional coaching, take a more focused class on writing in your genre.

Look carefully at your instructor’s resume. The one mistake I made was in taking a class with someone who was teaching several classes at the same time – not just for the group from whom I took the class, but for a couple of other groups too. I really don’t think she had the time to give us the kind of feedback we wanted or needed. When questions were asked, she was sometimes rude (and I don’t mean in a constructive way) and it took her a long time to respond or she didn’t respond at all.

That said, the class was still worth it because of all the additional reading assignments.

3. My idea is good and will work, but it’s not going to happen overnight so I need to be patient and not rush through it.

More questions? Anyone?

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WriterKat said...

Thanks! I so want to take a writing class. I plan to when my kids get a little older. Thanks for the vicarious learning!