Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Answers to Precie’s Questions

Precie said:

Ok, remember...you invited us to ask questions...

1) How did your final assignment go?

2) Is your Christmas tree still up? It's too cool.

3) How many times have you been to Disney World (or Disneyland)?

4) Now that the class is done, do you feel you've found a new focus or direction in your fiction writing?

1. I was happy with my final assignment. It was a new first chapter to the book using a different character’s POV. The classmates who critiqued it were very positive. The instructor’s comments made me wonder if she actually read it, but she did have some positive feedback and some useful suggestions of a very general nature.

While I learned a lot during the class, it was mostly from the reading assignments. The instructor provided very little input either in the lecture hall or through the critique process. I would probably take another class through them, but not with this instructor.

2. Regretfully, my tree came down in January and is now resting comfortably in its box beneath the stairs. It’s always a treat when Thanksgiving arrives and the boxes come out of storage. It allows me to relive 40 years of growth in one weekend as the ornaments go up on the tree.

3. DisneyWorld – first time in 1976. 4 or 5 more times since then.
DisneyLand – first time in 1963. At least 10 times since.

4. Interesting question. In a way, yes. It helped clarify the direction I was already heading and proved I have the ability to do it. Finding the time to focus on writing is a challenge. I work full time, am active in my cult, have a house and yard to manage, keep volunteering to help my friends with projects and am just a busy person. However, with the new direction for the manuscript I’m inspired and the ideas are flowing freely for the first time in a while.

Any more questions? Anyone?


WriterKat said...

I think 1976 was the year I went to DW for the first time. It was in the middle of a snowstorm on the east coast.

Here's my questions:
1.) What is the knarliest chore you've let go while you write?

2.) What do you suggest to look for in considering an on-line class for writing?

3.) In one sentence, what did you learn about yourself when taking this course?

Precie said...

Follow-up Qs:

1) Favorite Christmas ornament and why?

2) Favorite Disney ride? And have you been to DW to ride Mission: Space and/or Soarin' and/or Test Track?

3) Favorite Disney film?

4) Favorite Disney character?

5) What was that about a cult?

6) What are your biggest pet peeves?

Thanks for answering my previous questions. For some reason, I'm in an inquisitive mood lately. :)

Mary Witzl said...

I got excited when I saw that question about your Christmas tree. I hoped someone else still had theirs up. We still have ours up -- really! It's in a room we seldom go into and we are gradually turning it into firewood. Still, we do get some stares when people see it...

You were at Disneyland in 1963? Just think: we might have met!!