Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring has sprung!

And once again my yard looks like crap. I need a new lawn mower because my little cordless electric beauty is now so old that she can't hold a charge for long. I have a really big yard and used to be able to cut it with one charge. Now it takes 3 days and we are hovering on the brink of 4. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to run out and purchase the latest model.

It has to be electric. I don't like dealing with gas cans and oil. It also has to be cordless because I have this horrible fear that I might be more like my mother than I would like to admit. She always had corded electrics and she was constantly running over those long extension cords. Cordless ones cost more upfront, but if you go through 10 or 20 of the 100 foot extension cords per year, it can be more cost effective to go cordless.

Right now the grass is way too high for me to cut - even with a new mower. It's at least 6 inches high and has a lovely crop of dandelions protruding from it. I love dandelions because they seem to be such happy flowers. However, I almost lost one of my dogs in the yard the other day, so it really is time to do something.

So this morning I called my trusty gardening service for my spring clean-up. I call them 2 times per year - spring and fall - to come and tame the jungle that's been created by my neglect and ineptitude. I really do like to garden, but sometimes I get distracted and the next thing you know it's progressed beyond my capabilities. So I've learned that it's best to let Mr. T and his band of merry men come and make all things beautiful again. I can usually keep it under control until it's time to call him again.

This will make my neighbors happy too. While they don't complain to my face, I know from those disapproving glances they give me at the mailbox that they believe their property values are being affected by my negligence. And when they start talking about how hard they're working on their own yards - anvil on the head!

So, it's going to be another expensive week. Last week the car. This week a new lawn mower and Mr. T and his men. This is one of those times when I'm glad I have a good job and have learned how to save and handle money responsibly. I'm smiling through the pain in my pocketbook. But, the lovely smell of my hyacinths, and the buds on my lilac bushes, cherry tree and rose bushes will soon make me forget all about it. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood - except for my yard.

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