Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot again!

It's going to be in the 90's again here today. Very unusual for all us PNW slugs. They say we're going to have high humidity too. Now you have to understand that high humidity in the PNW is not like high humidity in the Midwest, South or East. Here high humidity occurs at around the 50 to 60% level. Compare this to the 80% and 90% levels in the other areas of the country (I spent the 1st 36 years of my life in Illinois). They don't have a clue what real humidity is like.

In the Midwest during the summer I spent lots of time fighting colds caused by going in and out of the air conditioning at work and from all the viruses lurking around commercial buildings. At home (no AC then), the fans were running full time and the humidity was so high it was hardly worth drying off after a shower. At night I would sleep nude on my bed (it wasn’t a gross picture back then) with the fan going full blast and wake up still sweating.

The heat and humidity were oppressive. Sometimes I spent so much time trying to find ways to stay cool I didn’t get any work done. Doing anything that required effort only made things worse. It was not fun!

So my question to all these wimps out here is always, "What humidity?"

What a bunch of whiners!

Man it's hot!


wordtryst said...

I live in the Caribbean, and it always surprised me to hear people from North America complain about heat and humidity. It sounded so... tropical. That was our climate you were describing.

Then I spent some time in Florida, and understood.

At least you have spring, fall and winter. Reprieve. We have summer weather with rain, and summer weather without rain.

The Anti-Wife said...

Sounds like paradise to me! The weather bothers me a lot more now because I work so I have to go out, but when I retire and don't have to go out when it's nasty I wonder if it will bother me as much. Thanks for stopping by.