Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pictures of new front door tomorrow!

So, it's almost done. I almost have a red door. I also now have a partially red entry rug and a partially red coat closet door - this time thanks to Belle the wonder pooch.

I went to Home Depot and purchased the tinted primer and get this - the salesman told ME to go get the primer I wanted. Now I am not a painter by trade and I was unprepared for this so I wandered dazed and confused into the paint aisle and started reading labels. I must have been gone for quite a while because he finally came to find me and quickly picked up a can of primer then asked ME if this would be okay. I politely shook my head but my brain was thinking, "How the Hell should I know! You're the experts. That's why I came here!"

And then after he mixed it, the color was bubble gum pink. I mean seriously pink! I just kept telling myself that the experts on HGTV say all red looks pink in the can and not to panic. Anyway I primed this morning then put on 2 more coats of red. It needs another coat so I have purchased more and will put it on tomorrow, but the door is looking GOOD!

Oh, yea! The spill happened when Belle came up behind me and I almost tripped over her, thus spilling the paint on the floor, rug and closet door. I wiped up most of it, but now I have to buy a new rug. Oh, darn! (I hated that stupid rug.)

That's why I needed more paint!

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