Saturday, July 21, 2007

One reason why I love my kid sister!

Her response to my post on the benefits of lists and my commitment phobia:

1. make list
2. life intervenes
3. waste time looking for the list
4. get boxes
5. hide things in boxes
6. store boxes
7. buy bigger house to store boxes
8. use stacks of boxes to hide unfinished projects
9. invite compulsive sister to visit
10. wonder why she can't commit to coming back for regular visits!
Anonymous sister of Anti-Wife;
"Comfortable with ambiguity"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kid sister.... It is almost diagnostic of a family having had a traumatic event, that relationships get frozen in time, and people continue to think of others in the same terms as did when the craziness occurred. My family still regards me as a kid. I'm 50, I have graduate degrees, I teach at the college level, I have nice teenage children, I live a comfortable life, I am financially secure, and my own nuclear family relationships are rock-solid stable. But I am still a kid to the family of origin, even to the cool sister! 35 years of maturation passed without their notice. Nothing I did mattered; nobody was there to see any of the way cool stuff I have done. And when they were there, the drama was like a black hole, sucking us back into the past.

One reason I love my intelligent, creative, energetic, commitment-phobic sister is that she is a heck of a lot more committed than she admits. Her relationships mean a LOT to her. She is not a superficial person. And, she is smart enough to escape from drama and get a life of her own choosing!

-Anonymous Sister of Anti-Wife