Monday, May 14, 2007

I signed up!

Taking a leap of faith here! I signed up for a writers conference in New York at the end of the month. I didn’t think I could go because we originally scheduled a board meeting for June 1st, but it was moved to the 14th, so now I’m going. I’m registered for the conference and have my airline reservations. Now I just have to find a place to stay that won’t cost a mortgage payment. I wonder if they rent park benches overnight?

I’m going because I want to learn more about the business. My manuscript is almost done. Just doing some minor expanding and polishing. I want to hear what the experts have to say before I start querying and hopefully submitting. I want to know if it’s truly ready or if I need to do more.

I’m a total novice in this industry and although I’ve been doing lots of research on the internet and in the library, there’s nothing like hearing something from the source and listening to the questions and answers to truly learn. I don’t want to be a nitwit. I want to go, talk to the experts and listen.

The agenda for this conference appeals to me because it includes information about life story writing, querying and other basic industry information. Many of the conferences seem to be too fiction oriented for what I’m doing.

Plus it will be nice to have a quick vacation in New York. The city intimidates me – all cities do. It’s good for me to push the limits of my comfort zone. Now that I’ve made the commitment, I’m excited.

Do you think it’s too early to pack?


Holly Kennedy said...

One can never pack for a trip to New York too early
Have fun at your conference. Investing in yourself is never a waste in this business.

Joelle said...

How gutsy are you? Can you hack it with a bunch of international college students? Does noise bother you? Can you share a bathroom? Can you cook in a community kitchen? Can you share a room? The Chelsea International Hostel is in one of very best locations in Manhattan and yet it is very inexpensive. I am a grown-up (for all intents and purposes) and I stayed there. Rates are $30 for a dorm style room and $70 for a double (which you can use as a single), but singles are probably booked by now. It's right on West 20th, in the heart of everywhere you need to be.

By the way, I was reading your blog because I saw your user name on Miss Snark. That's what my husband calls me, The Anti-Wife. But not because I'm a commitment phobe, but because I'm so relaxed and I don't mind if he looks at other women. I too am from the Pacific NW, by the way. Have fun in NY.

The Anti-Wife said...

I've already packed in my mind! Several times!

Thanks for the information. I found a place near the Algonquin that only charges an arm. I get to keep my leg. I'm not a city person even though I live near one and work on the fringes of downtown. I wanted to be near everything so I could easily run and hide in case it gets too overwhelming. Where are you in the beautiful PNW?