Monday, May 21, 2007

Miss Snark Withdrawal – Day 1

I thought seriously about developing a 12 step program for withdrawing from my addiction to Miss Snark. I went on the AA site and looked at their 12 steps in hopes of plagiarizing some of them with minor modifications. Too much work. Thank dog I’m not an alcoholic!

When I gave up smoking over 30 years ago I did it cold turkey. I was an absolute bitch for several months, and not very pleasant for many months after that. So I decided cold turkey is not the best option for my personality. I did only check her site about 5 times today though. I’ll try to cut down gradually.

I know they give drugs to people with serious addictions. So far all my friends in the medical profession don’t seem to feel this addiction to Miss Snark’s blog is drug worthy. Twenty five years ago I was growing my own. All my old dealers from back then are probably dead or incarcerated. It sucks to be old and straight at a time like this.

If you think it’s bad for me, you should see my girls. They adore Killer Yapp. Every time I leave the computer they click over to Miss Snark’s site to see the picture of KY now posted at the top. I swear I heard them both sigh the last time they saw it.

I suppose it will get better as time goes on. I’m trying to be optimistic and looking at all the other blogs I enjoy. I need a hug.



Manic Mom said...

Can we be each others' sponsors. I don't want to have the shakes alone!

What do they give us for withdrawl? Pails of gin and posters of Clooney? Yikes.

The Anti-Wife said...

How about pails of Clooney and posters of gin?


Travis Erwin said...

Take two snarkacillins with a tankard of gin and call me in the morning.