Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I blotched it!

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My face doesn't like the ingredients in the majority of products on the market that will supposedly make me look younger and gorgeous. I learned over the years to stick to Olay because apparently they don't use some ingredient that makes me break out like some splotchy faced drunk.

However, occasionally I get stupid and veer from the few safe products I can use. I was really sick a couple of weeks ago and obviously it affected my ability to think because one night when I was putting some miracle cream on my feet, I decided if it would work on my feet it should work on my face. After looking at the list of ingredients - mostly aloe - I slathered some on my face. It felt cool and tingly and smelled very nice. In my delusional state, I thought it even made the lines and wrinkles that have begun to settle into my face look less noticeable. Wow! It works. So, I used it for the last couple of weeks.

As with all of these products, sometimes it can take a few days for the full effect to become evident. Today, I woke up with red splotches all over my face and neck. Now, if I worked from home, this wouldn't be a problem. I would just hide and wait for the reaction to subside and return to my old regimen. But, NO. I work in an office with 50 other people.

Most people would cover their splotches with make-up, but I can't do that because I haven't found anything I'm not allergic to. So, I'm sitting at my desk hoping most of the people here are too busy to wonder why I seem to be having a sustained hot flash.

The point is, foot creams are made for your feet and should not be used on your face. Occasionally I'm an idiot and must be reminded of that fact to prevent me from continually engaging in stupid behavior.

Lesson learned - until next time!

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