Monday, April 30, 2007

The bottom line

I've always been a bottom line person. I like to get to the point and use as few words as possible to do it. I just finished the 3rd draft of my memoir and while I added 10,000 words this time around, it's still only 58,000 words.

Damn Miss Snark and all the other blogging experts who convinced me to take out all the unnecessary words like that, just, really, etc. I could have had at least another 2,000 words! And, what's wrong with excessive passive voice?

The last 2 times people looked at it, they told me to dig deeper. I've reached China - now what? I'm about to send it to some friends and acquaintances who volunteered to read and critique it. I've read through it so many times, I can't be objective anymore.

I like it! It's me. It's my life. But it's only 58,000 words. And that's the bottom line!


~Em~ said...

"Dig deeper." I know people who say this mean well, but I know from experience it's hard as hell to hear.

Anonymous said...

Always best to get your editing advice from people you won't be seeing on special occasions and holidays. ;)

Flip side - perhaps best not to give editing advice to people you will be seeing on special occasions and holidays.

- anonymous sister of anti-wife, adult survivor of special occasions and holidays

The Anti-Wife said...

I'd take your editing advice anytime! Give hugs to my anonymous niece and nephew!