Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life happens

What happened yesterday at Virginia Tech was tragic. It's a very sad day for so many people - those who witnessed it, those who were shot and lived, the families of those who died, and everyone who has any compassion. There's no doubt that it was a terrible event.

But every time something tragic happens on this scale, we tend to lose focus on all the rest of the story. Some wonderful things happened yesterday that we all missed because the news media only covers the most sensational stories.

They don't talk about the babies that were born and brought joy to their parents and families. They don't mention the people who got married and are starting their lives together. They don't talk about the kids who got A's on their report cards or found a quarter on the sidewalk, or received a card from a secret admirer.

What about the people who had birthdays and anniversaries? Somewhere someone saved another person's life, or loaned them money, or helped a friend in need. People got promotions and raises. Don't they deserve some attention?

Events like this move us inward and make us afraid. We can't allow ourserves to be afraid to be part of our society. This is an isolated incident - sensational because of its size. As parents, if you do your best and teach your children to love and honor each other, chances are they will never face one of these situations. As citizens, we have to do our best to be examples of the good and decent values we want to exemplify.

Events like yesterday or 9/11 when my neighbors lost their son are horrific. But we can't allow them to take our focus away from all the good things in the world. If we do, the bad guys win.


Piddler said...

I hadn't thought of it like this, but I agree. Thanks for the perspective.

Also, from yesterday's post, isn't it funny how many thats and justs creep into writing? I think I've caught them all as I'm writing but then go back to edit and there they are, slippery little devils. Really.

One last thought. A local teenage girl was killed by her boyfriend about 10 years ago, when my boys were small. Thinking about that, my husband and I really started teaching self-control and self-discipline to our kids. Our refrain was, you can lose your temper but you cannot put your hands on each other. They really took it to heart. Of course, they were stable and normal to begin with....

I just found your blog through the wise comment you left at Manic Mom's. I'll be back to read further.

Thanks again,

The Anti-Wife said...

Thanks, Piddler!

Come by anytime!

kathie said...

Hey, nice post. I agree we need to shift the focus during times like this. Focus on the good of the people who perished and also on others, like you said. I guess if we do it on our own level, remembering those lives in different ways, it might discourage some of the media happy trouble makers...