Sunday, April 22, 2007

It struck me funny

I was reading an article in the Sunday paper and an interview in the next column happened to catch my eye. The paper was folded and I was reading the bottom half, so I didn't know who was being interviewed. One of the headings was

On Dating:
Billy always finds the best-looking one in the field and bosses her around. If she walks away, he'll dog her and make her stand next to him, like, "You're my woman. Stay here. Don't go trolloping aound."

Of course, chauvanist pig was the first thought that crossed my mind. But I was curious so I read a bit more.

Thoughts on Science:
Billy's really inquisitive. I found him in here the other day with a plastic bag. He kept exhaling into it and blowing it up, and then looking surprised and doing it again and again. Sometimes you don't know what's going on in the pea-brain of his.

By this time I really wanted to know what rock star or movie star or wanna-be-a-star they were talking about so I unfolded the paper and looked at the headline. Turns out Billy has been in both television and the movies.

He's a stunt horse!