Friday, April 20, 2007


Spam count = 744! (The "solution" actually works!)

I finished all the line edits, removed most of the passive voice, eliminated bad words - that, really, just, for me, of me, so, etc. - and reworked a few paragraphs. In the process I lost about 3,000 words. CRAP!

I still have 48,500 words but this means almost 6% of my second draft was outright crap! Since my proof readers will undoubtedly find additional crap with which to confront me, this is distressing.

Now I need to sit down and write at least 25,000 additional words of non-crap. I also have to "shake-up" the format to make it non-chronological non-crap. This makes me non-happy!

I think I'll head down to the Nitwit's Lounge and throw back a few. So much for my weekend!


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