Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rainy Sunday

It’s been raining off and on all day. I was planning on working in the yard again today, so I’m really glad it’s raining because my back is killing me from bending over and pulling weeds yesterday. I know it’s good for me and the flower beds do look better, but OUCH!

Anyway, instead of pulling weeds, I worked on some things I needed to do inside like trying on some more clothes I haven’t worn in a while. Since I lost weight and went down 3 sizes, I’ve slowly replaced my old wardrobe with clothes that actually fit me. But I have this rule – 1 thing in, 1 thing out. So I was behind on getting rid of stuff and my closet was beginning to get full.

Trying on clothes that are too big for you is fun! Especially when you can remember how tight they were a couple of years ago. I can now wear things that show my shape because I have one I’m not ashamed to show. I got rid of all of my broomstick skirts with the ever-expanding elastic waistbands, all the one size fits all clothes and all the baggy shirts and pants. I’m stylin’ baby!

I have to stay this size or get smaller because I don’t have any more fat clothes to grow back into. I now have 2 big bags full of clothes and shoes to take to our local donation station. The only thing left to try on are all my shirts and sweaters. If it rains again tomorrow, I’ll do it then. If not, weeds beware!

Trying to keep my mind off my manuscript and the conference!

Have a Happy Memorial Day everyone!


M. G. Tarquini said...

Are you going to the Backspace Conference? Good luck, I hope it goes well for you!

I just lost a ton of weight. And I have a ton more to lose. It's really fun to dump the clothes that are too big. I planned to do another purge this weekend, time.

Do you have a first name I can use? Calling you Anti-Wife somehow seems...rude.

The Anti-Wife said...

I am going to Backspace. I'm very excited because I have a lot to learn and this conference covers areas I'm working in now.

Losing weight is very therapeutic. I did it the slow way - about a pound a month - using fanatical portion control and walking as the method. Getting rid of my fat clothes makes me strangely very happy.

Congratulations on your weight loss.

You're not rude!

kathie said...

Yay, anti-wife I'm so happy for you. I'm on my way in that direction. It's weird when you start to remember what it felt like to feel good. Thanks for the post.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'm doing it the slow way too. About 7 pounds a month, often times less. Some deal, fanatical portion control and lots of fresh fruit, and veggies. Swimming is my exercise of choice.

Have a grand time at the conference. Pitch well. Can I call you AW, then?

The Anti-Wife said...

Sure, call me anything. Someday I'll tell you why I want to remain anonymous for now.

Here's to losing weight!