Thursday, May 24, 2007

Suggestions wanted

From the post below, you can see that my life on most days is pretty routine. I'm looking for things to spice up my life - quick and easy things to do just to add a little spark here and there. I need some fresh ideas, so let's see if anyone out there can come up with something original.

Remember, it has to be quick, easy and inexpensive!


Manic Mom said...

That's one thing I wondered--Man, you sure do pee a lot.

OK, quick pick-me-up suggestions:

Go to the grocery store, pick up two melons, and when an unsuspecting man walks by, hold them up chest-level and ask, "Do these look like they'd be juicy?"

Go to work without wearing any undies. If anything, it'll make the bathroom trips quicker. OH wait, why would you want to go back to your desk.

Stop at the 7-11 and stand at the candy counter. Ask the next person in line what candy bar they think you should buy? When he (preferably) tells you, buy two, and give him the other one. Enjoy this new experience.

Go to the bookstore, and, well, doing anything at the bookstore is a treat for me! Hey, go there, while not wearing undies and eat your candybar there!

Take a mental health day and drive to some obscure place you've always driven by and always wondered about. Sit there and write about sitting there.

Go to a park and laugh at all the frazzled moms. Laugh harder at the moms who have to get all dolled up to take their two-year-old to the park.

On your mental health day off, go to the movies, and see three in a row.

Tell everyone you meet to have a nice day.

I'll come up with more. I think you just gave me a book idea!

mcewen said...

Let's just trade and be done with it.

The Anti-Wife said...

Love the suggestions. I'm compiling a list to carry around with me.

I read your profile and NO!